New property subdivision request

The Community League recently received the attached letter requesting to subdivide a lot in Pleasantview by bisecting it in the middle. Since this was an unusual and possibly precedent setting request, the League Board felt it would be appropriate that we post the information and canvas our residents for their feedback, both for and against this type of proposal. Please send your feedback to Todd at

COE Letter re Subdivision.tif-page-001COE Letter re Subdivision.tif-page-002 - EditedCOE Letter re Subdivision.tif-page-003


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yvonne slemko says:

    Given the traffic issues in our community and the state of our aging roads, I think that it’s important to sort that out before we start subdividing lots and adding further traffic congestion!
    We need to work with the city on a long term vision for our community before we start looking at subdividing lots and the current piecemeal way the city has of dealing with planning appeals does not help. So please fix our community infrastructure before we potentially double our community population!

  2. Bev and Keith Fraser says:

    I hope that this is not going to happen!! If we allow this we will be allowing everyone with these big lots to do the same! I would like to know what others are thinking in our community!

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